Weaner Training Course


2 DAY COURSE: The system and formula utilized in this course, is unique to Systematic Ringer. It is a totally reliable method of training cattle to consistently react in a prescribed manner without the use of dogs.  Skills involved in it’s execution can readily be understood by both the cattle and the Stockperson.

The great benefit of this system is the great saving in labour. Cattle that work reliably with a well developed herd instinct, but with the confidence to freely walk out and flow, whether it is a mob of 300 or 3000. This flow makes yard work stress free and translates to large numbers being processed with greatly reduced possibilities of injury to both cattle and stockperson. Cattle trained in this method will walk greater distances in shorter time in a contented confident manner requiring less stockmen than would be considered the norm. There is considerable saving in cost of hay fed, as these cattle can be fully educated and grazing contentedly in assigned paddock,within four days of being taken off their mothers.

Typically weaners lose little weight in this time frame and due to contented attitude instilled with training,show no sign of being tucked up.

Typically 600 cattle can be trained using this system, in 4 hours with just two Stockmen. That is, taken from the yard walked out, tailed, walked back in a strung out configuration and readily yarded with no individual breaks from the herd.

This is basically a two day course, but can be extended according to student numbers. Other courses can be customized on request. Effective use of dogs within  the  parameters of competent cattlemanship, are available if requested.

Two Day Course: Total $660 inc GST per person, with subsequent days coaching @ $440 inc GST per day total cost an option.
Previously unhandled Weaners provided at venue, preferred. Other courses can be tailor made to requirement on request.
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