General Herd Handling and Cattlemanship Course


2 DAY COURSE: This course involves three hours in front of a whiteboard in interactive discussion. Where various mob configurations will be covered to facilitate success in handling a herd. From getting a grip, or handle on the herd from the outset, at a helicopter assembly point, to effectively being moved off in a controlled manner to the yard for processing. It covers configuring the mob to flow initially in a stress free manner and the various configurations to enable ease of movement through gates and ultimately into the yard.

How to bend a herd, how to create a lead, how to control and train a flighty lead, emphasis on positive proactive control, is the core of Systematic Ringer systems.

It also covers placement of crew around the herd in all situations, and makes sure everyone understands the responsibilities of their respective positions, so as to effectively work as a team. It is all about a system of working the herd as a team where everyone is on the same page.

I ride and work with the camps, and coach, demonstrate, and with radio connection, can involve the whole crew in explaining and instructing in execution of the systems taken from the initial whiteboard presentation. As with all courses, this is very much hands on.

Two Day Course: Total $660 inc GST, with subsequent days coaching @ $440 inc GST per day total cost an option.
Reliable radios recommended to be carried by participants. Other courses can be tailor made to requirement on request.
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