Training Courses

No distress stock handling systems

The systems I use in handling, walking, yarding and ultimately processing cattle have stood the test of time for the most part, although  with some exceptions that I have found greatly improved outcomes. As to the training of cattle, the systems I use are Cutting Edge. 

Systematic Ringer is, as the title suggests, all about working cattle in such a manner or system, as to achieve a positive efficient result. The Systems used in Training, Handling, Walking, Yarding and ultimately processing cattle, have stood the test of time on the one hand, and as regarding the training of cattle, are Cutting Edge. I know of no other Cattlemen anywhere that employ the proven system of educating cattle as employed by Systematic Ringer.

Weaner Training is offered as a course in it's own right. But exactly the same systems are equally effective in the training and pacifying of cleanskin cattle of any age. With the exception of overly aggressive Scrub Bulls, although it must be explained that they too will respond similarly once settled in a yard in a more protracted time frame.

The same systems will also improve the handling ability of quiet, but poorly educated cattle, of which there are many herds throughout the cattle industry.

All Systems are about initiating positive control proactively. The results achieved are those of Cattle working calmly and efficiently with the requirement of less labour, and with less Helicopter hours required in the handling of the large herds of Northern Australia.

Knowing and practising these methods is one thing, communicating and demonstrating these to others in the industry is another. To this end I have analysed and qualified these methods, and arranged them into a format that can be rationalised and understood, by both the Novice and more experienced Stockperson alike.

The Systems work as cattle respond reliably to the consistency of methods employed. The fundamentals remain the same, and can therefore be taught in a condensed time frame of days, rather than years as was typical of the past.

You can't teach experience, but you can demonstrate the best options for success and expedite the process. Although much of my time is spent working the big mobs of the North. Courses can be run wherever the demand warrants. Small herds can be as hard to handle as any, and the same systems are effective on mobs of any size.